Vitality Unleashed!

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Today we are presenting BarleyGold. There is a gentleman in Alberta named Ken Campbell who is an agricultural prodigy. He is way ahead of our time with his Bionomic technologies.

Ken created BarleyGold more than 15 years ago and tested it with Agriculture Canada for many years. It has proven to be a Superfood in a category of its own. This is way beyond anything seen before.

BarleyGold is an organic, raw, sprouted yet stabilized barley seed. Because BarleyGold is suspended in the sprouted seed state it is rich in an array of needed vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, with no worries of the dead seeds that cause gluten and mould issues.

BarleyGold can be taken as the foundation of your health regime to help absorb other nutrients to alkalize the body.

BarleyGold could be a benefit for babies, athletes, diabetics, celiacs and pets who are needing extra energy, stamina, glycemic balance, bone growth, intestinal healing, heart strength / health, weight loss/gain, and overall health and healing.

Oh, and buy the way, Michael has been using it for seven years now. Having tested it thoroughly, it has Michael's stamp of approval. Be the first among your friends to have this state of the art nutrition in your regimen. Buy it here at NutraShop.

8 minute video:

AUTHOR: Michael Seegers, (2013)