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Raw Spirulina Powder

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SPIRULINA form spiraling, helical, microscopic strands that are smaller than the human eye can detect. The name “SPIRULINA” comes from this superfood’s spiral character.

Our INCAN SPIRULINA originates from a pristine area nestled within the Andes Mountains. At 9200 ft. elevation on the equator it receives the most intense sun energy possible and is fed with glacier water from Cotopaxi Volcano. GY INCAN SPIRULINA is grown in a revolutionary greenhouse system that eliminates environmental contamination and guarantees ample water circulation so you never get putrefied fishy smelling spirulina. It is then spray dried in a medical grade stainless steel facility which ensures maximum potency because the temperature of the actual spirulina is minimized. Not only does it have an excellent flavour profile because of this, it also has the highest concentration of phycocyanin available in any commercial spirulina.

Spirulina is a blue green algae that contains the highest concentration of nutrients of almost any food on the planet! It has over 60% of digestible vegetable protein and high levels of beta carotene, GLA, vitamin B-12, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, and chromium.

Spirulina has been shown as an effective chelating agent for removing toxins and heavy metals such as mercury, and radioactive substances from the body. It has also been used to remove cadmium and lead from waste water.


A typical dosage of spirulina for heavy metal detox is about 20 – 30 grams per day. You may want to start with as little as 500mg daily and work up as needed to allow your body to adjust. After completing detox, you can taper down to a maintenance dosage of 3 – 6 grams per day.


Spirulina contains an astonishing array of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants:

  • Spirulina is a complete protein source as it contains all eight essential amino acids, and eighteen amino acids in total.
  • May increase serotonin in the brain to help balance the brain chemistry.
  • May be rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene) B1, B2, B6, E, and K.
  • May be an abundant source of salts, phytonutrients, and enzymes.
  • May be an excellent source of iron. Studies have shown that eating spirulina on a regular basis may help alleviate anemia, increase hemoglobin, improve blood quality, and increase red blood cell formation.
  • Spirulina may be the only green food rich in the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA makes skin soft and hair shiny, helps fight inflammation (in particular, arthritis), and reduces allergies.
  • Spirulina may contain several bio-available forms of the mineral sulfur which improves the immune system, physical strength, flexibility, agility, complexion, hair’s luster, speed of healing, and the functionality of your liver and pancreas. May also help detoxify bodily tissue.
  • Spirulina is very high in chlorophyll, and may be an extraordinary blood builder & purifier.
  • May contain many natural, fat-soluble antioxidants that are known to increase life span and improve the immune system, including zeaxanthin, an important antioxidant for improving vision.
  • Also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is regarded as one of the most important health-enhancing metabolic enzymes and antioxidants.
  • The high amount of phycocyanin may help increase the production of stem cells found in the bone marrow. Stem cells are the beginning cells that can develop into both red and white blood cells.


  • Spirulina consists of 50-70% protein, the highest concentration found in any food. Each gram of Spirulina protein is four times more absorbable than the same gram of protein in beef.
  • GY INCAN SPIRULINA has no fishy taste or smell!
  • Considered the most nutritious food on the planet by the World Health Organization (WHO)

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