Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Madhava Coconut Sugar


Product Description

$6.89 for 454 gm or 1 lb = 1.5ยข per gm

Organic Madhava Coconut Sugar is a delicious, pure, unrefined alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. The sustainably grown, Non-GMO Project Verified sweetener is produced from the flower bud of the coconut tree. In addition to tasting delicious, organic coconut sugar has naturally occurring nutrients including magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins, and amino acids.

Sustainably Grown and Happily Harvested

We believe in making life sweet – that natural, sustainable way. The coconut palm tree produces 50% to 75% more sugar per acre than cane sugar – and it only uses 20% of the resources. Now that’s what we call sweet!

Additional Information

Weight454 g

1 lbs


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