Buckwheat Hearts

Organic Buckwheat Hearts


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$3.49 for 225 gm or 7.94 oz ( = 1.55 ยข per gm )

Buckwheat is a fruit seed. It is gluten-free and has been grown on the Canadian eastern prairies for over a century. Buckwheat is a source of high-quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, essential amino acids, fibers, antioxidants and numerous minerals and vitamins such as zinc, copper, and B vitamins including choline and niacin. Buckwheat also contains rutin which is an antidote against x-rays and other forms of radiation.


Buckwheat hearts can be eaten as a snack raw or roasted. They can be used as an ingredient in breakfast cereals, soups, energy bars or as a side dish or rice replacement.

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Weight225 g


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