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Juice in the Box (Clearance)

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INVENTORY CLEARANCE WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. New product design now available.  Check out the new line of Drink in the Box here.

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Product Description

A Better Juice Box for Kids!

“ It just makes sense. . . Just add your child’s favorite drink and voila – you have just helped do a little more to protect the environment and ease up your wallet on buying pricey juice boxes.”
~Baltimore’s Child, May 2014

Juice in the Box allows parents to control what their kids are drinking and can now provide their kids with healthy drink choices on the go. Kids love using Juice in the Box, and so do  their teenage brothers and sisters! They are a familiar shape and come in 5 great colors.


Approximately 130 Billion disposable juice boxes are sent to landfills every year and about 24% are recycled. Recycling can only be done in facilities equipped with this technology. It takes at least 300 years for one disposable juice box to bio-degrade. Juice in the Box is  Reusable which is one of the best ways to cut down on the amount of garbage produced. It’s made from near indestructible Tritan which is BPA and Phthalate free, dishwasher safe, leak proof and won’t squirt. They are an ideal part of a litter-less lunch and fit easily into lunch boxes.


Disposable juice boxes contain high Counts of sugar that can lead to childhood obesity and diabetes. Just 2 disposable juice boxes a day add up to 28 POUNDS of sugar a year! They are also highly susceptible to mold. In fact it only takes a pin sized hole to create mold inside a disposable juice box. Because they are not transparent there is no way of knowing exactly
what your kids may be drinking.


Juice in the Box is a Patented design made from superior materials. It is built to last and won’t leak or squirt.

“… the perfect companion to any healthy lunch or snack. It’s safe, BPA and Phthalate free, easy to clean and comes in five beautiful colors – green, orange, pink, red and blue. With Juice in the Box, you can ensure her family is drinking healthy – even when on the move.”
~MomTrends, March 2014

“My kid’s love drinking juice and this drink box is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! Juice in the box is the hottest thing on the juice box scene. This is a reusable drink box that you can use over and over and add the types of drinks you want to add! In order to save my kids teeth from so much sugar, I love for them to drink organic apple juice but add a little water to it.

The only thing negative I can say is 1 just isn’t enough… I need to get one for all my kids!

~ A Sweet Potato Pie Blog, March 2014

The Juice in the Box (JITB) refillable and reusable drink container is just what we needed to let our littlest feel a part of the party while still controlling exactly what he's drinking. Since it arrived, I've taken JITB out to eat, to birthday parties, and used it at everyday meals.
~ LeMastering Motherhood blog, March 2014

Accessory Kits available, click here to get one for only $6.99

JIB Accessory Kit 1


Additional Information

Weight85.00 g
Dimensions3.25 x 1.75 x 5.25 cm

Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red


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