Honey with Bee Polen

Honey with Pollen


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$8.49 for 500 gm

Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. What you buy in the grocery store is usually pasteurized and largely devoid of the natural nutrients in raw honey. Our Honey with Pollen is straight from the beehives at Dutchman’s Gold Apiaries in Carlisle Ontario. Having the pollen in the honey makes it a nutritional powerhouse. For more detailed information check our blog article on Pollen.

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God Bless the Honey Bee! As bees are dyeing all over the world and “Colony Collapse Disorder” is a very real concern, we should be even more grateful that we have access to the array of products that the bees allow us to harvest from their hives. Since ancient times when beekeepers took their colonies up and down the Nile on barges to  pollinate the crops, the honey bee has been an integral part of our agricultural ecosystem. Most people have no idea what treasures we harvest from bees. Raw honey is nature’s healthiest sweetener and only the first of the beehive’s gifts that mainstream consumers make use of. And then there is beeswax which makes such a nice smelling candle. Did you know that burning beeswax candles releases negative ions into the atmosphere? That’s definitely more healthy than paraffin wax with scents provided by chemicals.

Only the more astute health conscious individuals will seek out the pollen, royal jelly, and propolis produced by these insect marvels. Most beekeepers do collect and sell these special items produced by Nature’s most industrious little creatures.

Bee Pollen: Every colony of bees needs protein, and the pollen collected from the flowers is what feeds the bees. It contains more nutrients than any other substance in the world and is extremely healthy to eat if you are a bee or any other animal. For humans it has been reserved for royalty since ancient times, a secret that kings and queens kept for themselves.

Royal Jelly: This magic substance is produced by the nurse bees to feed the queen. It is in fact the only thing that a queen bee eats. It is actually what makes an ordinary baby bee into a queen. She will live ten times longer than the other bees and be 50% larger in size.  Queens lay up to 2,000 eggs per day and keep this up for years! When Royal jelly is given intravenously to premature infant humans, these babies rapidly grow to their proper size and come out of the incubators more quickly. This has been done in eastern European hospitals for more than 50 years now.

Propolis: This Greek word actually means “before the city”. Propolis is collected by the bees and used as a disinfectant for the hive. When collected by humans it becomes another tool in our defense against infection. Propolis not only strengthens our immune system, it can stop a sore throat quickly before becoming a more serious condition. Propolis is usually dissolved in food grade alcohol and dispensed with a small dropper. It is very sticky and coats the throat while soothing the inflamed tissues.


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Weight250 g
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