Barley Gold 1

Barley Gold Level 1


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$59.95 for 464 gm or 24.02 oz ( = 8.80 ยข per gm ) (NOTE: SHIPPING TO CANADA ONLY)

Our Barley Gold product is a nutritional supplement. It is a natural, highly digestible, whole food product with bountiful nutrients that raise it to the category of a super food. A natural balance of abundant nutrients is contained in this enhanced barley product.

Barley Gold was first formulated with Agriculture Canada to test barley feed with broiler chickens. The Growth Enhancement Method (G.E.M.) combined with the Nutrient Stabilization Process (N.S.P.) enhanced the value of the feed enormously. Physiological results were also remarkable. So much so, that we believed people could also benefit greatly from this enhanced barley. With further study and development the all natural whole food product that is known today as Barley Gold came into existence.

As mentioned, testing was done on broiler chickens. They make good test subjects as they don’t respond to placebos and because they have a relatively short life span, so extensive batteries of tests could be completed. The bioassay (animal feed tests determining efficacy’s tests) concluded the broiler chickens had higher red and white blood cells, higher bone density, stronger hearts, leaner but not heavier muscle mass, and a higher intestinal viscosity.

Barley Gold is being used in a study by nutritionists in Toronto, Canada. It is being used as a nutritional supplement taken during a fasting, cleansing regime. The idea of the Barley Flush was: “To subsist entirely on a food substance which is rumored to have a useful way of promoting healthy function in organ and tissue systems, while restoring dysfunctional cells.” Each applicant was given a short questionnaire, a nutritional evaluation and consultation, EAC Testing (Electrodermal), daily record charts and a self-assessment report.

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Weight500 g
Dimensions9 x 9 x 18 cm


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