Product Spotlight: Bee Pollen

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Without a doubt there is nothing else in the world that compares to Bee Pollen. Those Little worker bees that visit the flowers and collect the pollen in the tiny little baskets that Nature built into the hairs on their hind legs are responsible for an enormous amount of food production that we would not have without them. When they get back to the beehive they store the pollen in special wax cells that are essentially the bees' pantry. In recent years beekeepers have developed a system to skim off about 10% of the pollen from the top of the overflowing baskets as the bees enter the hives. These pollen traps fill up and are collected by the beekeepers for consumers like us who know just how nutritious this really is.

Essentially the pollen is the sperm of the male flowers. This tiny speck of pollen contains more nutritional elements than anything else in nature. Indeed it contains everything needed for the creation of the next generation. Individual pollen granules are filled with amino acids and minerals, enzymes and other special chemicals that are so important in the bees diet. And these nutritious little granules can be eaten by animals and humans alike. In fact, top races horses are fed Bee Pollen as part of their regular diet. Bee Pollen contains everything needed for life. It is a complete food. And fresh pollen is very tasty.

"What other health product contains 185 of the known nutritional ingredients -- 22 amino acids and higher amounts of the eight essential ones than most high protein foods, 27 mineral salts, the entire range of vitamins, hormones, carbohydrates and fats and more than 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes, necessary for digestion, healing and for the continuity of life itself?"

For a PDF chart showing all the wonderful nutrients in Bee Pollen just go to one of our partner sites and download at this link  Bee Pollen Analysis Chart

* For people who are allergic to bees, then the pollen is not recommended.

Here at NutraShop we have the world's finest Bee Pollen. We keep it refrigerated and make it available to our members who live close enough to pick it up.

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AUTHOR: Michael Seegers, (2013)