GMO Food Labels

NonGMOIn Canada and USA it is not required to put any indication on a food product label that would inform the consumer that GMO ingredients are in the product. Not the same in Europe. If you live in Europe it is impossible to find a food product containing genetically modified ingredients. They are banned by law due to the diligent efforts of the population there to keep them out of the grocery stores.

What happened over here to let that slip by? Lack of education on such an important issue? Too many distractions with the mainstream media keeping you busy with unimportant fluff  like the antics of Toronto's Mayor? A population seduced by too much comfort so that beer and ball games take up too much leisure time? Maybe it is the entitlement mindset of  "I deserve to take time off to relax because I earned it".

But look around and notice the health challenges that surround us today which were not there a generation ago. Can we be so complacent? I think not. We need to continue to learn as we mature into responsible citizens. The education process should never top. We have virtually unlimited resources at our fingertips with I-phones and Internet connections only a click or a tap away.

Here at NutraShop we are educated. We are passionate about issues of huge importance to the health and well being of mankind. We advocate the empowerment via education of our readers and customers.

So here is your next step in that process. Go to The Institute for Responsible Technology and begin to learn something new, something important. Your grandchildren will thank you!

And if you would take a moment to go a step further, then sign the petition to tell Coca Cola to stop funding anti-labeling campaigns. Click HERE

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AUTHOR: Michael Seegers, (2013)