Flax Miracle Secret Revealed!

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Since Biblical times flax has been a product of our agricultural efforts. The wisdom of flax is well known and flax seed is more than a buzzword in health circles. Bakeries routinely put flax seed into their products for the health benefits of the omega-3 oils, fibers and lignans.

What most people don't know is how powerful the lignans are. For almost 20 years now the American Cancer Society has known about the cancer killing properties of the lignans which are contained in the hull (outer coating) of the seeds. Both breast and prostate cancers have been shown to decrease in the presence of flax lignans. The problem is that you would have to eat 12 pounds of flax seed to equal the amount of Lignans that are in the Lignan Gold product.

A number of sellers now have flax Lignan products and one of them is from a very good source in North Dakota. Indeed, Curtis Rangeloff and Dennis Maw have researched and developed the mechanical process of dehulling flax, after attending the World Flax Conference held in Fargo ND for the last 18 years.

This product is now being used in Africa with a tremendous success rate on AIDS patients. Visit http://www.aidshivawareness.org to learn about the powerful results they are having.

What we have in the Lignan Gold is even better. Ken Campbell (of BarleyGold fame) with his T1 technology and Bionomic proprietary protocols, has developed an even better Flax Lignan product.

By special arrangement with Ken's company, Freedom Functional Foods, NutraShop is introducing both the brown and the yellow flax seed lignans. Yellow lignan is for colitis, diverticulitis IBS, etc while the brown lignan is for hormone balance & immune support.

To experience  your personal health breakthrough by supercharging your immune system, look no further than NutraShop. You can now buy the world's best flax hull lignans right HERE.

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AUTHOR: Michael Seegers, NutraShop.ca (2013)